Tea trends for the new season that you shouldn’t miss!

Trends change not only in fashion and design but also in the tea industry. This year’s summer and autumn tea season is again heading in a new direction. And it may set the course for several years ahead.

Although tea production is an ancient tradition with strong foundations, everything else is changing and adapting to the surrounding world. Whether it’s packaging, innovative flavors, or various cold variations, fans of pure black or green teas might disagree with this progress, but the demand in the world will determine new tea trends.

Herbal teas are on the rise!

Tea consumption worldwide has been increasing year by year. A new phenomenon in recent years, especially in the USA, is the growing popularity of herbal teas. Their consumption in the country is growing by a few percentage points annually, which experts often attribute to a desire for a healthier alternative to other beverages. This trend is likely to continue, and tea companies should take note.

Herbal teas offer something extraordinary. Various herbal blends have medicinal effects on many health issues, and you simply need to choose the one that addresses your body’s current needs. Other herbal blends provide a refreshing sensation during the summer months, and herbal tea is an excellent choice in the evening as it contains no caffeine. With the right preparation, you can enjoy a delightful beverage for almost any occasion.

Tea as a Support for Mental Well-being

In recent years, we have all been dealing with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and the rising cost of almost everything around us. And it takes a toll not only on our wallets but also on our mental health. Therefore, there is a growing demand for products that support mental well-being. Teas and beverages generally serve as an excellent bridge between the pursuit of relaxation and serenity and the desire for functional substances that positively impact human health.

Thanks to various blends, black, green, or herbal tea can offer many benefits, from stress relief and relaxation support to aiding sleep and providing more energy and focus. Especially in hectic times, it is necessary to look beyond everyday concerns and tailor our needs, including our diet. Teas play an indispensable role in this regard in many cultures, and there is no doubt that they will continue to do so.

Attraction for the Young

The beverage market has had to respond to changing habits of different population groups recently. Not only is there a greater desire for healthy products than ever before, but also the rise of Generation Z, which, for example, is not as attracted to alcohol as teenagers were. This opens up a relatively large group of people who prefer non-alcoholic drinks but still want to be trendy.

Various tea and coffee variations are becoming very popular among the adolescent generation. It could be the phenomenon of Bubble Tea, cold brew, or mixed cocktails with a tea base and a small amount of alcohol. The youth are much more receptive to new beverage concepts and are not afraid to experiment, so they have their doors open to surprising ways of serving traditional drinks. The mentioned Bubble Tea could be just the beginning of something much bolder.

Exotic and Retro Flavors

Exploring new aromas and flavors is becoming increasingly easier in our interconnected world. What was once exotic is now readily available in supermarkets, creating a demand for ever-new and novel tastes. Especially for the summer season, the flavor of dragon fruit will be highly popular. Its delicate sweetness adds a delightful and captivating coolness to tea on hot days, bringing a fresh and unconventional ingredient to beloved beverages. Tea flavors with red, orange, guava, and in the coffee industry, pistachio flavor, will undoubtedly be big hits.

While some gravitate towards maximum exoticism, others enjoy returning to their roots. The sales of hibiscus tea increased last year, and hibiscus could once again take center stage this year. Its sweet and slightly bitter profile is well-suited for chilled, summertime versions and warm beverages that provide comfort on cooler days. It is certainly much more prevalent among children than black or herbal tea.

That drinking tea every day benefits your body and pleases your taste buds is a certainty not influenced by current trends.


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